Terms and Conditions

Through its web portal, the Arrifes Village Council provides general information about Arrifes, in particular, the information and organizational efforts of the Village Council. The information provided is current at the time of publication.

The Arrifes Village Council wants this information to be accurate and precise and updates it as quickly as possible, while trying to avoid errors and correcting them as soon as it detects them. However, we can neither guarantee a complete lack of errors nor that all the information is permanently up-to-date.

At any time and with no prior notice, the Arrifes Village Council may modify, delete or alter the information published on its website, or it may change the configuration or presentation of the portal itself.

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The information provided in response to any question or request for information is purely indicative, and in no case will it be binding on the resolution of administrative procedures, which are strictly subject to the applicable legal and regulatory rules.

The published content may include links to third-party websites, mainly of other public entities, which we have deemed to be of interest to users of this portal. The Arrifes Village Council does not take any responsibility for the links and the content of these links.

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