Brasão de armas


Heraldic Description – gold shield, a passing black cow in a crown formed by two green canes joined at the ends, with leaves of the same color and two silver corncobs. At the top, a goshawk in its natural color, flying and holding a Cross of Christ in its claws. Green wavy at the bottom, with two wavy silver tripes. Mural crown with (*) silver towers. Listel of the same color with the caption in black (*).


The goshawk holds a Cross of Christ – symbolizing the entire Azores Archipelago.

The Cross of Christ – reminds us that the Azores Islands were offered to the Military Order of Christ.

The cow – symbolizes not only the considerable importance of cattle farming in the village, but also the dairy industry that depends on and is interconnected with agriculture.

Corn – represents the village’s agriculture and it is predominantly placed not only for the value of its grain transformed into flour, but also for the thatch and leaves that serve as food for cows and horses.

Crown formed by two united green canes – symbolize the cultivation of tobacco, which despite being very profitable, has never been openly embraced given the worldwide persecution.

Green waves – represent the green pastures that surround the entire village.


Regarding the origin of the name of the village, ARRIFES, there is no definitive opinion, but most authors argue that the name is linked to its extensive area of land that is not always flat, with some areas being rocky and irregular and featuring many hills, ponds and small lakes. It was one of the favorite places where the nobility and wealthy bourgeoisie of Ponta Delgada had their farms and summer homes, some of which still exist.