The future is born from the earth

Oh, my adored land,
Cradle I cherish so much,
With wonders endowed,
Land of dream and charm!...

You are the star of the sea,
There could be no better theme:
- If anyone knew how to sing you
In the most beautiful poem!

Show endless grace
The tops of the mountains,
There is no more beautiful painting
Than the greens of our land.

Your laughing rapture,
In its complete form,
Shows the beauty of a dream
And inspiration of a poet!...

Your lakes are princesses,
I ask God to give me luck
To sing your beauties
Till death does us apart...

Noble brush painted you,
Poem made immortal:
- Oh, São Miguel Island,
Relic of Portugal!...

Gabriel Ferreira,
in Flores do deserto, [Ponta Delgada], Escola Preparatória de Arrifes, 1992.